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The motto of our specialized translation services is to localize words for the globalizing world. At View Globally, we work with a very simple and clean mission. We act as a bridge amid our clients and their targeted audience and assist in communicating their message to different worlds, with different culture, background and language, worldwide. We break boundaries and push every person for understanding, irrespective of the language they speak.

The flexible approach we have at View Globally for translation services helps us tailoring the dedicated services to meet every specific requirement and accomplish every individual’s need efficiently. To guarantee accurate localization, we have native translators and the task completed by every translator is screened strictly by experienced and certified professionals so as to meet the specified requirements proficiently.

In addition, to translate any type of confidential, certified and legal documents, you need not worry at all as we have trustworthy linguist experts. Every such translation is provided with a certification letter, which is signed and stamped by an official notary and moreover is liable to be accepted by professional associations and government all across the country as well as worldwide too. No matter what level of business cycle you have, we have guaranteed, cost effective solutions for you.

Right from localization to website translations and marketing and legal documentation, you can consider approaching View Globally for a perfect solution. We completely understand that our clients are busy people who frequently require a translation as part of a bigger objective. And, this is where we step in, and where our team of qualified and skilled personnel executes the most effectual solution, making certain that you acquired the best possible outcome.

Scrutinizing every specific need, project size and the budget proximity, we adapt our level of intensity. But, with every service we provide, you are guaranteed to deliver with professionalism, accuracy and reliability. Moreover, to avoid inaccuracy in the final translation, we always count on human translation rather than relying on any translation software or tool.

What Makes Our Translation Services Exclusive?

* Fast turnaround

* Always human translations

* 100+ languages covered

* Years of experience in translation industry

* Cultural integration and localized approach

* Competitive prices

* 99.9% accuracy

The array of translation services at View Globally includes:

* Document Translation

* Website Translation

* Legal Translation

* Technical Translation

* Medical Translation

* Software Translation

* Transcription Services

* Subtitling Services

Patent Translation Services

Serving the industry for more than a decade, View Globally will definitely save you monetarily and your precious time on all your patent litigation and prosecution translations. 

Document translation

We always choose only the best translators to meet your requirements. All documents are proofread prior to being returned.

Website translation

Website translation does not have to be painful, and working with us will ensure it is painless.

Legal translation

Strict confidentiality is of critical importance to you and to us, so all documents are handled under our strict privacy guidelines.

Technical translation

We work solely with translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding when working on technical documents.

Medical translation

Medical and Pharmaceutical translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only ever be carried out by suitably qualified translators.

Software localization

Translation is often the critical path in Software Localization. Streamlining the process requires streamlining the translation tasks.

Transcription services

Our dedicated and experienced team handles your transcription jobs with the utmost professional care.

Subtitling services

By opting for subtitles for movies, you can make your movie available to a larger audience that can appreciate your film.



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