Human Translation V/s Machine Translation2016.12.10

Human Translation

No matter it costs higher and has longer turnaround times, but you get a higher standard of precision with human translation services.


 * High accuracy is ensured by the translator

* The piece of content with impossible literal translation can be spot by a human translator and get the most appropriate alternative

* Creative use of language including slogans, metaphors and puns can be interpreted during human translation

* Proficient translators are aware of the colloquial differences between their languages                                                

* To deliver immaculate quality, human translators review their work

* To capture the same meaning, human translators can interpret the context instead of just translating the words


* Unless you are a translation service provider, having multilingual translators globally, you will be restricted to the languages that a single translators can work with

* Translators hardly ever work for free

* Turnaround time is longer

Machine Translation

The benefits of machine translation usually come down to the factors like inexpensive and quick. However, the negative aspect of this is the standard of translation that can be anywhere from potentially dangerous, to incomprehensible and erroneous.


* Quick turnaround time

* The technology for translation is improving surprisingly

* Using a single tool, the translation can be done for multiple languages effortlessly

* An array of free translation tools are accessible, including Skype Translator and Google Translate


* Sometimes translation just does not work at all

* Error occurred can sometimes prove to be costly

* Context cannot be translated by a machine

* Precision is even really contradictory across multiple languages

* The level of accuracy can be really low

The most imperative thing to mull over with any sort of translation is the cost of potential errors. Translating instructions for legal documents, aviation manuals, medical equipment and a lot other types of content need to absolutely immaculate with 100% accurateness. Even a single mistake in such documents can cost even a life, huge monetary loss, and an irreversible damage to the image of any company.

On the other hand, translation by humans comes out to be a promising option to resort on when exactitude is even tenuously vital. Several other considerations to make are the intricacy of the source material and the languages you are translating between, both of which can render machines pretty ineffective.

Regardless, both human as well as machine translation justifies their place and need in the industry, even if they play different roles. You need to choose the one considering the actual needs and the complexity of the content you need the translation for. So pick your choice carefully!



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