Human Translation V/s Machine Translation2016.12.10

Why Human Translation is Better Than Machine Translation

The debate over human versus machine translation is like never ending. It is, up to some extent, due to the fact that the technology is improving drastically year on year and so as the quality of translation too. Let us now have a quick glimpse at the comparison of human translation v/s machine translation.

Important For Startups To Get Their Content Translated2016.08.31

Localization of language engrosses content to be acclimatized to another market in order to let it resonate with the people from diver cultures. Translating the words is just a beginning since videos and graphics also need to be tailored for every specific demographic area. Various established online corporations and business make a point of factoring localization into their content as well as marketing strategies, however, they are not only the ones to get benefitted with the same.



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